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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Greetings from Greece

Ancient Corinth, Greece

Hello Everyone

I am in Greece right now. Dr. Hoffman is back home for now in Cleveland. I am here on a grant with the ACA. You can read more if you like on another blog I set up at

The weather is great here in Greece, it is warm and sunny. Do not forget your sunscreen and a hat. Also I think you should bring modest shorts for Greece. Only in churches will they not be excepted but on the archaeology sites they will be fine. But be sure to pack some long pants for Turkey esp for the Mosques and churches we will visit.

I hope you are getting packed and ready to go. Email me or Dr Hoffman with any questions.

I would also advise that you pack your toothbrush etc and some clothes in your carry on bag. You might even want to divide your clothes and pack with a friend. In case you bag is lost or delayed you will still have somethings to wear. Remember do not put valuables in your checked bag things like camera and money. Also remember limit yourself to 1 bag and1 carry on. Remember it is NOT a fashion.

I don't want to scare people but my bag is currently lost and I have been without it since I arrived, three days now but who is counting. I am making due.

Ok see you soon in sunny and warm Greece.

John Wineland


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