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Friday, May 26, 2006

A Few More Important Travel Reminders

A view of the Acropolis, Athens Greece

Hello from Grayson,

There are a few more things to remember.

We should have a great trip this year.

1. Showers: Dr. Daniel Hoffman sent me an email and wanted to know if my reminder not to open your mouth in the shower meant no singing in the shower. Well depending on your level of talent that might be good advice!!

2. Snacks: Most if not all of our hotel rooms will have a refrigerator. It will be filled with drinks and snacks. You might be tempted to eat and drink these snacks. Remember that if you do eat these snacks it will be added to your room bill. THESE SNACKS ARE NOT COVERED BY THE COST OF OUR TRIP. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY FOR ANY OF THESE ITEMS. The cost of these items is usually very expensive. The hotel staff will enter our rooms and count the items and you will be required to pay for these items before we leave the hotel. So please keep this in mind.

I suggest taking some of your favorite snacks with you on the trip and to supplement lunches etc. You will want snacks that travel well. Remember it will be hot where we are traveling so things like chocolate does not travel well. It gets melted and messy. Also remember your bags will be stacked on the buses and in the airplane so fragile items like chips and cookies will be crushed easily. Hard candy like mints and candy like tootsie rolls pack well as does most trail mixes. Chewing gum also packs well.

3. Packing: When you pack be sure that you put anything that might leak into plastic zip lock bags. Zip lock bags come in quite handy to put small items in as we travel. You also might want a small pack of items to make quick repairs, like duct tape, safety pins, nylon cord, thread and needles. You can be quite creative with these items if necessary to help you make it through the trip and back home.

4. Medicine: I failed to mention that you might want to bring along some cold medicine, cough drops, and tissues too. Usually this is not a problem but some people get a bit congested after flying long distances or when they get hot and sleep under an air conditioner or fan.

5. Be sure to bring a notebook with you, something small and handy to keep as a journal and to take notes as we travel, also remember to bring the 4 books we have mentioned before

1. A Traveller's History of Turkey by Richard Stoneman. ISBN 1-56656-620-7 (4th Edition) $14.95.

2. A Traveller's History of Greece by T. Boatswain & C. Nicolson ISBN 1-56656-522-7 (5th edition) $14.95Both of these are very good books which will give you a brief overview of the history of these areas. You can order these books from Interlink Books, and also you can find them at you local bookstore and at

3. Greece, Athens and Mainland. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide, by Dorling Kindersley, ISBN 9780789494269 $25.00 available at local bookstores,, and from

4. Turkey, DK Eyewitness Travel Guide, by Dorling Kindersley, ISBN 9780789483294 $25.00 available at local bookstores, and from are colorful and helpful guides to history and culture of the Greece and Turkey.

Of course above all else be sure that you that you bring

See you soon in Athens!

John Wineland, Grayson, Kentucky


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