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Monday, April 10, 2006

Passports and Tickets

Ancient Theater and Harbor Road at Ephesus

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying Spring. I am sitting on my back porch in Eastern Kentucky and it is about 65 F with green grass, blue skies, flowers blooming and birds singing. I like being on my back porch but today I am dreaming about Greece, Turkey, the blue Aegean and ancient ruins. We will be there before you know it!!

Thursday April 13th, I am planning to drive to Washington, DC to make sure our tickets are in order for the trip. I have received emails from most you and I have your passport numbers and full legal names. I do not have passport information from 8 of you. I know some are still waiting for your passports to arrive. Please try to get this done as soon as possible and send the information to be via email as soon as you get it.

Here are the eight people that still need to send me passport information:
1. Kyle Lymberopoulous
2. Jeremy DeBord
3. Trey Ramsey
4. Ryan Leonard
5. Regina Manes
6. Jerrigayle Benson
7. Joshua Benson
8. Hannah Kimbal

For security purposes the airlines no longer will issue a block of tickets without names, so this is why I need to make sure the name on your airline ticketing information matches what is on your passport.

Thanks for your cooperation.

John Wineland
Grayson, Kentucky


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