Greece/Turkey Study Tour 2006

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Friday, February 10, 2006


Someone asked a question today about Passports:

  • Let me encourage you to get your passports as soon as possible. We will need this information soon to obtain visa and confirm tickets etc.

  • Do I need a passport and/or visas?
  • Yes, you need a passport valid through at least August of 2006. You can get a passport by filling out an application (including providing two pictures of your self) at a US post office. You also need a drivers license and (I think) a birth certificate. The fee is about $90 and the pictures cost an extra $10 or so. The passport is good for 10 years. You should apply RIGHT AWAY if you are planning on going on this trip as the wait is several months once you have filled out the application. You do not need to get individual visas. We will get group visas for you (included in the trip price) where ever they are needed.


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