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Monday, March 06, 2006

Some Spring Reading to get you ready

I hope all of you are getting excited about the trip. I am very excited about it. This trip will give us the opportuity to see where history took place. The events of Homer's Illiad will come to life as well as several important places in New Testament history. We will also be able to see important places for Greco-Roman history and Byzantine and Ottoman history too. Do not forget all of the water we will see too.

I want to recommend the books pictured above.
1. A Traveller's History of Turkey by Richard Stoneman. ISBN 1-56656-620-7 (4th Edition) $14.95

2. A Traveller's History of Greece by T. Boatswain & C. Nicolson ISBN 1-56656-522-7 (5th edition) $14.95

Both of these are very good books which will give you a brief overview of the history of these areas.

You can order these books from Interlink Books,

Also you can find at


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