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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reminders about the bus etc.

(The picture to the right is the temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece home of the famous oracle)


Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting. I am sorry it was cut a little short and I did not let you ask as many questions as some would have liked. Please email, or call, or come by my office if you want to talk some more or get some answers!

For those who did NOT attend, Kyle and Jason especially, please see me to get the information unless you can get it from another trip member -- Shemaiah in the case of Jason perhaps (and Jolyne could you see that Dina gets the info.?).

I have spoken with the coach company and they assure me that if we LEAVE at 6 AM on June 8, we will get to the airport by 9:15 AM at the latest. Since our flight does not depart until 11:10 AM, this should be fine and still allow some small cushion.

However, you should arrive, ready to go, at 5:45 AM at the parking lot of the Humanities Center on June 8 so that we can load up and depart no later than 6 AM!

I will have the airline tickets with me and so all you need to bring is your luggage, your passport, and yourself! If you are planning to meet the group in Atlanta, I will need to get your airline tickets to you somehow before we depart. Please contact me so that we can work out these arrangements. Thanks!!

Daniel Hoffman


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