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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Greetings from Near Ephesus

The Temple at Assos

Hello Everyone,

Everyone is fine and doing well. We are now at Kusadasi, Turkey. It is along the Aegean Sea.

Today we left the hotel at Assos and visited the site. It is a spectacular site which overlooks the seas. There is a large Doric temple on top. It was a nice walk up the hill. Paul visited here during his third missionary journey. Aristotle lived here before he became Alexander the Great's tutor.

Then we drove south to Pergamum. This is one of the seven cities mentioned in Revelation. We tour the acropolis with its spectacular theater and the Altar to Zeus. There is also a large temple of Trajan on the site. Then we drove down to visit the ruins of the Asklepios shrine. This was city where Galen lived and practiced medicine. Asklepios was the Greek god of healing.

Then we drove on to our hotel. We will be here for two nights. Tommorrow we will visit the amazing site of Ephesus.

John Wineland
Kusadasi Turkey


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Joanna Kimbal said...

Man, that sounds like such a fantastic trip! I am jealous! I appreciate you always starting out the blog stating that everybody is fine -- as a parent, that is certainly my first concern. Tell Hannah K. hi from mom!


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