Greece/Turkey Study Tour 2006

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Preparing for the Trip

Aerial View of the Acropolis

Hello Everyone,

It was a little warmer in Athens today. I spent the day walking all over the Agora and Areopagus and theater of Dionysus. I hope you are excited. You should be it will be a great trip. We will be busy when on Friday when you arrive. So you should wear clothes and pack in your carry on things you will need when you land. We have a busy day Friday when you land. So you should be ready to tour when you land in Athens. Your plane arrives on Friday about 10:10 I plan on being at the airport if at all possible to meet you. Then we will go directly to the Theater of Dionysus and the Acropolis. After that we will walk through the Agora and then eat a little something. Then we will go to the National museum and final the hotel.

This means you have to have your camera and film, batteries, etc ready to you arrive. So pack them in your carry on lugguage. Also you should wear some good walking shoes, and pack a hat in your carryon. On Saturday you will be able to have a little more rest when we get into Istanbul. So plan ahead and try to sleep on the plane.

Ok I will see you on Friday!!. Remember your passports!!! Pack light !!! Be prepared to tour when you land!!

John Wineland
Athens, Greece


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