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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Greetıngs from the Shore of the Aegean


Everyone is fine and doing well.

I am wrıtıng to you from a hotel along the Aegean Sea. We are near the ancıent cıty of Assos. We left Istanbul thıs mornıng and drove along the Sea of Marmara. The cıty of Istanbul is a large city with about 15 million people. We drove for about 3 or 4 hours along the Sea and stopped for lunch where the ferry crosses from Europe where we were to Asia. This ıs the same route which Alexander the Great took when he ınvaded Asia Minor to seek revenge from the Persians.

After we crossed on the ferry (our bus drove on the ferry too). We stopped at Cannakale and saw the wooden horse from the recent movie Troy. They also had a model of the city of Troy.

We then drove to the city of Troy and visited the ruins. The city has 7 layers of occupation. It was windy on the site and it began to rain a little. Everyone enjoyed the site.

We then drove over to Assos which ıs along the coast. Thıs ıs the city mentioned ın Acts 19 where Paul walked from Troas and meet Luke and others and sailed on during his 3rd missıonary journey.

The water is beautiful here and you can see the island of Lesbos in the distance.

Tomorrow we will visit the site of Assos and drive south to Pergamum annd visit both the upper and lower part of the city. The we will spend the night long Aegean once agaın.

John Wineland
Assos Turkey


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