Greece/Turkey Study Tour 2006

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Greetings from Istanbul

Hello From Istanbul.

Remember it is Istanbul not Constantinople!

We are all fine doing well in our hotel in Istanbul.

We got up early this morning in Athens and made our way to the airport. We left on an Olympic Flight from Athens to Istanbul at 8:05AM.

After we arrived in Istanbul we were joined by Adnan Shaweesh from Amman. He has helped us plan this trip. It is good to have him with us now for a while.

We were greeted by our guide Mehmet and our driver Nejat. We had the same driver 2 years ago on our Turkey Seminar. Our guide is the cousin of our previous guide two years ago.

We had a driving tour around Istanbul and along the water of the city. It is a beautiful city. Tomorrow we will take a tour of the old city. We will visit the Palace and the archaeological museum.

We are staying int he beautiful Cartoon hotel. The lobby is decorated with cartoon character from Warner Brothers and Disney.

John Wineland, Istanbul, Turkey


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