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Friday, June 16, 2006

Greetings From Bodrum

Crusader Castle at Bodrum


Everyone is doıng well and having a great time on our tour.

We left the area of Ephesus this morning and drowe to the site of Afrodisia. This ıs a wonderful site with a large theater and a temple to Aprodite. The site has the largest and best preserved stadium in the ancient world. We had a footrace between three of the students. So we got a real sense of what an ancient race would have been like. There was a large tetrapylon on the site too. Thıs marked the intersection of two important roads of the city.

After visiting the site we went to the nice museum. It has much of the material found on the site. A school of sculpture was established at the site so we saw many fine examples of sculpture ın the museum. There also was a nice dısplay on the way ancıent coins were made.

After our visit to the site we had a nice lunch and drove on to Bodrum. Bodrum was called Halicarnasus in ancient times. It was the birthplace of Herodotus the Father of History. It ıs also home to the one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The mauselum of Halicarnassus.

We visited the Crusader period castle located on what was an islan. It now is attached to the mainland by a causeway. The city was captured by the Crusaders during in the First Crusade. Later the Turks captured the city. Finally the Knights of St. John the Hospitallers captured the castle in 1305. The city came under the control Sulimann the Magnificant in 1522.

It is a spectacular castle and housed inside the castle is an extensive museum of underwater archaeology. They have the remains of the earliest boat wreck ever found dating to the Bronze Age, 16th century BC and 13th BC.

They had an amazing dısplay of amphora and anchors. Everyone enjoyed our visit to the castle. Just outside the castle was a nice statue of Herodotus.

Tomorrow we leave Turkey. We will sail from Bodrum to Kos and from there fly to Crete via Rhodes.

John Wineland
Bodrum, Turkey


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