Greece/Turkey Study Tour 2006

Trip Information for the Greece Turkey Trip Summer 2006 sponsored by Lee University. See Frequently Asked Questions Below for dates, places, prices, etc

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reminders about the bus etc.

(The picture to the right is the temple of Apollo at Delphi, Greece home of the famous oracle)


Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting. I am sorry it was cut a little short and I did not let you ask as many questions as some would have liked. Please email, or call, or come by my office if you want to talk some more or get some answers!

For those who did NOT attend, Kyle and Jason especially, please see me to get the information unless you can get it from another trip member -- Shemaiah in the case of Jason perhaps (and Jolyne could you see that Dina gets the info.?).

I have spoken with the coach company and they assure me that if we LEAVE at 6 AM on June 8, we will get to the airport by 9:15 AM at the latest. Since our flight does not depart until 11:10 AM, this should be fine and still allow some small cushion.

However, you should arrive, ready to go, at 5:45 AM at the parking lot of the Humanities Center on June 8 so that we can load up and depart no later than 6 AM!

I will have the airline tickets with me and so all you need to bring is your luggage, your passport, and yourself! If you are planning to meet the group in Atlanta, I will need to get your airline tickets to you somehow before we depart. Please contact me so that we can work out these arrangements. Thanks!!

Daniel Hoffman

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Revised Itinerary

Hello Everyone,

After my trip to Washington, DC we were able to get the air tickets arranged and also because of the flight schedule we had to make slight revisions to the itinerary. I hope are excited this will be a trip of a lifetime.

John Wineland

Day 01
Depart Atlanta AA 1277 Atlanta to LGA 11:15-13:30
NY Depart JFK OA 412 to Athens 17:40-10:10

Day 02
Arrive Athens OA 412 10:10, Meet and assist and transfer from Airport to hotel for check in F/D tour to the Panoramic City of Athens / Visit the Acropolis / Ancient Agora / Theater of Dionysus / Mars Hill / National Archaeological Museum / Dinner and overnight Athens.

Day 03
Transfer from Hotel in Athens to airport for departure to Istanbul on OA 321 8:05-9:20, to check in where Turkish guide meet and assist and transfer to hotel. Short City Panoramic Tour on Bus

Day 04
F/D tour Istanbul to visit Hagia Sophia / Blue Mosque / Byzantine Cistern ( Yerebatan Muzesi )/
National Archaeological museum / Return to Hotel for dinner and overnight

Day 05
F/D Istanbul to visit Topkapi Palace / Chora Church / Boat ride on the Bosphorus by Regular boat / Return to hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 06
Leave Istanbul for Behramkale, Visit Truva ( Troy ) And Assos./ Dinner and overnight at

Day 07
Leave Behramkale to Kusadasi / Visit Bergama ( ( Pergamum ) Both the Acropolis and
Asclepion / Dinner and overnight at Kusadasi

Day 08
F/D. Tour to the Roman City of Efes ( Ephesus ) Church of St John / Temple of Artemis /
Archaeological Museum of Ephesus / Terrace House Exhibit Dinner and overnight at Kusadasi

Day 09
Leave Kusadasi for Bodrum / Visit to Aphrodisias / Dididm / ( Didyma ) and Bodrum ( Halicarnassus ) Dinner and overnight Bodrum.

Day 10
Transfer to the port of Bodrum at 09.00 AM for departure with Ferry Boat to Kos in Greece
To fly from Kos to Rhodes OA 35 17:10:-17:48, connecting to OA 878 Rhodes/ Heraklion (Crete) 20:50-21:45 Dinner and overnight at Heraklion .

Day 11
Departure for a full day tour to to visit the Palace of Knossos / Archaeological museum in
Heraklion / Dinner and overnight in Heraklion

Day 12
Transfer to the port of Heraklion at 09.15 AM. for departure with flying Cat 4 ( Speed Boat ) to
Santorini to arrive at 11.00 AM. Tour the Island / Visit the Akrotiri/ Pre-historic Museum in Fira
Dinner and overnight in Santorini

Day 13
Transfer to the port of Athinios to board the Ferry to Piraeus where you will be met by your
guide in Athens to transfer to your hotel in Athens for dinner and overnight

Day 14
Depart for a full day to Argolis / Visit ancient Corinth ( Akrokorinth ) Mycenae Site / Tholos/ Museum / Back to Athens for dinner and overnight.

Day 15
Depart for a full day excursion to Delphi / Visit the Archaeological site and Museum / Return
to Athens for dinner and overnight.

Day 16
Transfer from Hotel in Athens to Airport to Board your flight Back to Atlanta/
Athens/NY OA 111 12:25-16:05; NY/Atlanta AA 1297 LGA 19:05-21:30


Hello everyone! We need to have ONE FINAL trip meeting and it is IMPORTANT that you attend. Sorry for all the caps to get your attention, but please do attend if at all possible and, if not, see me as soon as possible after the meeting!

The meeting will be at 5:15 PM on Monday, April 24, in HC 205. I am in this room teaching until 5:15 and so the meeting will begin just as soon as class lets out. The meeting will cover the course syllabi, final itinerary, and final registration or other questions that you may have.

In the meanwhile, there are several very, very, essential things that you all need to get done (if you have not already):

(1) Make sure that you are completely “cleared for travel” with the Lee Health Clinic. You need to fill out the pre-physical information, get a physical, get a tetanus/diphtheria and Hepatitus A shot, etc. Please check with them if you have questions or are uncertain about whether you are “cleared”. According to my most recent list of a few minutes ago, the following are NOT completely cleared for various reasons: Karen Ayala, Rebecca Collins, Jeremy DeBord, Jolyne Jurado, Ryan Leonard, Kyle Lymberopoulos, Regina Manes, Carrie McCumber, Trey Ramsey, Dina Rivera, and Myles Schoonover. The Lee Health Clinic has greatly reduced hours for the summer, and so you should clear with them before the end of the semester if at all possible (but must be completely cleared by the day of the trip or you can not go even if everything else is done).

(2) Make sure that you fill out, get notarized, and return to me all the forms I gave you at the last meeting to me by the end of the semester. If you did not get your forms filled out and notarized on the previous day that the Lee notary was available, there is a brief make up time (also for free). Wilmari, the Lee business staff person who is a notary, has scheduled on her calendar a two-hour block for this Thursday, April 20, from 3:00 – 4:45 p.m. in the Office of First-Year Programs (they will not be accepting students after 4:45; it takes a while to complete the process). In the event that a student is unable to take advantage of this second opportunity, we have been told to direct you to the Bradley County Courthouse where notary services are available for a small fee.

(3) Make sure that you make arrangements with the business office to pay any remaining costs of your trip and courses (i.e. the Turkey /Greece study tour) before we leave on June 8.

(4) Make sure that you register for the courses properly before we leave. Everyone must enroll in “SSPMED-MED” as a “course” that is really a “tracking code” for the computer which carries no hours and does not change the cost or anything else for you for the trip. If you need information for enrolling in the regular courses, or anything else about the courses, come to the trip meeting or email me!

(5) We have official names for everyone now – or the full names you gave us on some form or another – and the airline tickets have been purchased. However, we still need passport information from some of you – passport number, your date of birth, the date of issue of the passport, the date of expiration, and the place of issue of the passport (e.g. New Orleans). I know that some of you are still waiting for your passports to arrive – even expedited, they can take several weeks – but as soon as you get your passport, please send this information to Dr. Wineland :

There may be other things that I am forgetting about now. If you think of something, email or call me, or ask in the trip meeting. Thanks for your patience and diligence in getting all of these trip detail done!
Daniel Hoffman

Monday, April 10, 2006

Passports and Tickets

Ancient Theater and Harbor Road at Ephesus

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying Spring. I am sitting on my back porch in Eastern Kentucky and it is about 65 F with green grass, blue skies, flowers blooming and birds singing. I like being on my back porch but today I am dreaming about Greece, Turkey, the blue Aegean and ancient ruins. We will be there before you know it!!

Thursday April 13th, I am planning to drive to Washington, DC to make sure our tickets are in order for the trip. I have received emails from most you and I have your passport numbers and full legal names. I do not have passport information from 8 of you. I know some are still waiting for your passports to arrive. Please try to get this done as soon as possible and send the information to be via email as soon as you get it.

Here are the eight people that still need to send me passport information:
1. Kyle Lymberopoulous
2. Jeremy DeBord
3. Trey Ramsey
4. Ryan Leonard
5. Regina Manes
6. Jerrigayle Benson
7. Joshua Benson
8. Hannah Kimbal

For security purposes the airlines no longer will issue a block of tickets without names, so this is why I need to make sure the name on your airline ticketing information matches what is on your passport.

Thanks for your cooperation.

John Wineland
Grayson, Kentucky